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Amanza Smith is sharing her story.

The “Selling Sunset” star is on the new cover of Mr. Warburton and in the issue she opens about about her childhood and says that she was abused by multiple family members.

‘Selling Sunset’ Star Amanza Smith Admits ‘It’s OK To Not Be OK’ As Ex-Husband Remains Missing

According to Smith, from age 3 to 11, she was sexually abused by her stepfather, as well as her grandfather. She also says she experienced physical and emotional abusive from her mother.

“I put on a very strong face, which comes from the fact that from the time I was three years old, I was sexually abused by someone very close to me, and I had to pretend it was not happening,” she says.

Amanza Smith – Photo: Grace Fries for Mr. Warburton
Amanza Smith – Photo: Grace Fries for Mr. Warburton

The reality star also shares how having a daughter of her own led her to confront the abuse she suffered and other struggles she’s been through.

“Until God gave me a baby girl, it did not click. It hit me one day when my daughter was almost two, and I was pregnant with my son. I imagined everything that happened to me happening to her,” she said. “And it changed everything. Suddenly everything made sense. All of the things I had struggled with in my teens, addiction in my 20s, ways I felt I failed, was not motivated, and felt in some way different from my friends.”

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Despite all her difficulties, Smith says, “I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I would change nothing in my life. I would be born again, and I would live the exact same life of trauma and abuse. I would do it all over again because I am strong enough. I was chosen to go through that. Now I can be a voice to help others get through it.”

Contacted by Mr. Warburton about Smith’s allegations, her stepfather declined to comment. Her grandfather passed away when she was 15.


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