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Sarah Ferguson is dispelling rumours.

In a statement to The Daily Mail, a representative for the Duchess of York denied claims that she had attempted to collaborate with producers on the Netflix show “The Crown”.

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A source had told the outlet, “She made repeated contact via emails and on the phone. She offered advice and background information and said that she had an inside view which would make her invaluable to the show as a consultant.”

The conversations had reportedly taken place with the production company Left Bank Pictures, with whom she was looking to partner on an adaptation of her novel, Her Heart for a Compass, and which Ferguson has previously discussed in interviews.

Talking to Town & Country in 2021, she joked about the show, “Hello! Where is Fergie?!” and revealed that she contacted Left Bank executive Andy Harries to ask, “Why can’t I help my character?!”

In another magazine interview, Ferguson said, “I have watched ‘The Crown’ and I thought it was filmed beautifully. The cinematography was excellently done. I loved the way they included my wedding.”

She added, “I did write to Andy Harries, who produced ‘The Crown’, but it was more about the idea of getting ‘Her Heart For A Compass’ turned into a film or a TV series than it was about my portrayal.”

But when contacted about the claim that she offered to provide background information for the show, a source close to the Duchess told The Daily Mail that she “was thinking she might simply offer some insight into her character and there was certainly no discussion of any fee.”

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Later, though, the source reversed their comment, saying that it was “categorically” untrue that Ferguson offered to consult on the show and that her public comments had been misinterpreted.

Finally, a spokesperson for Ferguson stated, “The Duchess was in contact with Andy Harries, who produces ‘The Crown’, last year and they had a discussion about adapting her novel, ‘Her Heart For A Compass’, into a TV series.”

They added, “They did not discuss ‘The Crown’, or any idea of her helping with the series in any way. Such a suggestion was made separately at one point by a mutual friend, but was not progressed by either side.”

“The Crown” has recently been a source of controversy ahead of season 5, after actress Judi Dench criticized the show, calling on Netflix to add a disclaimer to the show noting it is a “fictionalized drama.”


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