By Sarah Curran.

Sanjay Gupta isn’t sure how to feel after “Never Have I Ever” branded him “sexy”.

The doctor, who is CNN’s chief medical correspondent, was asked about a recent episode of the Netflix show in which his name was mentioned.

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“At this stage of life, I have three teenage girls, so I’m not sure when I’m being mocked or when I’m being flattered,” he said on CNN. “I guess that just goes with the territory.”

The scene Gupta is referring to sees Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) and her grandmother Nirmala (Ranjita Chakravarty) discussing a “DIY Sanjay Gupta” that’s included in Nirmala’s Golu – the festive display of dolls and figurines in South India.

“Hubba hubba,” says Nirmala, who suggests her Gupta figurine might be “too sexy.”

Gupta also praised “Never Have I Ever” for its portrayal of South Asian traditions. 

“Just watching that clip as an Indian American and seeing the mother with the deities set up, I never imagined in my life that I would see it represented that way in a Netflix show,” he added. “It’s amazing for me just to see that.”

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Tagging Gupta on Instagram, series creator Mindy Kaling wrote, “Let us be clear: we are all obsessed with you.”

She added, “You’re the star of the golu, baby!”



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