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The sun sets behind power lines in Carlsbad. REUTERS/Mike Blake

The National Weather Service said Wednesday that San Diego residents can expect hot, muggy weather to continue through Saturday

“Hot conditions will peak Thursday through Saturday,” the agency said in its forecast, with highs reaching the mid to upper 90s in the county’s eastern valleys.

“The combination of hot daytime conditions and above-average overnight temperatures in the 70s will increase the heat risk over the area,” the weather service cautioned.

Highs on Thursday are forecast to be 78 to 83 near the coast, 84 to 89 inland, 87 to 92 in the western valleys, 92 to 97 near the foothills, 88 to 95 in the mountains and 105 to 110 in the deserts.

The agency said there will be a chance of thunderstorm activity and flash flooding each afternoon through the weekend.


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