The Lotus Trolley Bag. Photo courtesy of Lotus Sustainables

Any outing with your kids can balloon into a stressful situation — even an outing as mundane as grocery shopping. Luckily for parents, San Diego-based Lotus Sustainables is taking the stress out of grocery shopping while also being conscious of the environment.

Lotus Sustainables offers the Lotus Trolley Bag, an all-in-one system to make grocery shopping faster and easier. Shoppers can organize their groceries while throwing them in the cart then they can easily put groceries away at home.

The company also offers Lotus Produce Bags, which are washable and reusable and ideal for snacks, toys and other kid-friendly items. Finally, the company offers the Lotus Cart Clip where parents can simply clip their phones right onto the handlebar of a grocery cart. 

Jennifer Dehmoubed, who co-founded the company with her husband, Farzan, said Lotus Sustainables was initially formed with the Earth in mind. 

“The average American family uses over 1,500 plastic bags per year, and knowing that only under 3% of plastics are actually recycled and reused, it’s staggering to think how much plastic we’re using unnecessarily,” she said. “Nearly 8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans each year. However, remembering to bring a bunch of cheap reusable grocery bags to the store, then dealing with the clutter of all of that in the cart, plus how dirty and moldy they get, just wasn’t cutting it.”

Jennifer Dehmoubed. Photo courtesy of Lotus Sustainables

Dehmoubed said they discovered an opportunity to create a “smart solution” to enhance the shopping experience. And, the response from families has been overwhelmingly positive. Parents have described the Lotus Sustainable products as game changers and convenient while eliminating waste. 

“Lotus is here to make your shopping experience easier, efficient and organized — all while helping keep the world more sustainable,” Dehmoubed said. “We help people eliminate single-use plastics from their lives with high-quality sustainable solutions that are better for them and our planet.”

What’s even better? Lotus Sustainables has pledged to donate 10% of profits to nonprofits working toward ending plastic pollution, fighting climate change and advocating for social and environmental justice.   

Lotus Sustainables products are available in retail stores across the country. For more information, go to lotus-sustainables.com

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