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Saturday’s rescue of Dharma in Escondido. Photo credit: Courtesy, San Diego Humane Society

A 23-year-old horse was doing well Saturday after falling in her stall in Escondido, which required an assist from the San Diego Humane Society’s Emergency Response Team.

The team deployed at 9 a.m. in response to a request for assistance by the Department of Animal Services. Because there was a roof over the stall, the team’s Technical Rescue Unit had to pull the horse, Dharma, out of her stall, in order to place her in a harness and lift her with a bipod to help her stand.

A veterinarian was on standby. Dharma was lightly sedated and pain/anti-inflammatory medication was administered, in addition to applying glucose on her gums.

A protective helmet and blinders were put on the horse to keep her calm. After getting her out of the stall, and spending about 40 minutes in the sling, Dharma was able to stand.

Dharma was otherwise in good health. The rescue took six hours.


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