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The San Diego City Council voted Monday to place several measures on the November 2022 ballot including allowing daycares in city parks and ending free trash service to homes.

While six measures are currently being considered, here is more about the three greenlit for November.

Trash Collection

The city council voted 7-2 to approve a measure repealing the 103-year-old “People’s Ordinance,” which prohibits the city from charging for trash pickup for single-family households. Supporters say the move could boost city revenue by $50M a year. The council would launch a cost analysis study to look into a potential cost recovery structure for trash removal services if voters approve the measure. Some councilmembers, including Marni Von Wilpert who voted against it, questioned the wisdom of the measure at a time where inflation and gas prices are on the rise.

Coastal Height Limit

The council voted to advance a measure lifting the coastal height limit in the Midway District. The measure would exclude only the Midway-Pacific Highway Community Plan area from the 30-foot height limit on buildings in the Coastal Zone. The goal is to invite investment and development into the Midway area to support affordable housing, active transportation and a healthy environment, according to Councilmember Chris Cate, who introduced the measure.

Affordable Childcare

The city council approved a measure to address a local shortage of affordable child care. Currently, the city charter does not allow for childcare on dedicated park property. The ballot measure would allow childcare businesses to operate in city parks if passed by voters. During the pandemic, over 520 childcare providers closed in San Diego County, according to Councilmember Cate’s office.

The election will be held November 8.


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