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Sam Smith’s fans are coming to his defense.

The singer shared photos from his holiday as he posed in a speedo on the deck of a boat.

He captioned the post, “Always wear sun cream 🌞”.

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While most fans were happy to see him enjoying his time off, some trolls found their way into the comments and criticized Smith’s physique.

Fans were quick to jump to his defense, calling out the trolls for judging someone for their happiness.

This is them accepting themselves and being happy with their body. Something you clearly lack the ability to do,” wrote one Twitter user.

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Others in the Instagram comments agreed with the sentiment, with one fan writing, “Sam is literally living their best life. Why are you people such haters?”

Sam Smith – Photo: Instagram/@samsmith
Sam Smith – Photo: Instagram/@samsmith

Another user on Twitter pointed out the fact that such comments were harmful to people of different body types as a whole.

“Sam Smith won’t see your tweet, but your friends with similar body-types will,” they wrote.

Smith hasn’t responded to the comments and has continued sharing promotional photos from his upcoming album Gloria.

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