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Ryan Seacrest has aligned with CNN’s decision to reduce alcohol consumption for the hosts of the annual New Year’s Eve broadcast in light of Andy Cohen’s drunken diss to Seacrest’s performers, Journey, last year.

The longtime host of ABC’s “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” explained his views to Entertainment Weekly on Monday: “I don’t advocate drinking when one is on the air.”

The TV personality continued, “I don’t know how that started as a tradition, but it’s probably a good idea [to scale back], CNN.”

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After taking over Kathy Griffin’s hosting duties in 2017, Bravo personality Andy Cohen has been teaming up annually with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper to entertain viewers throughout the night. With the level of alcohol consumption available, Cohen sometimes entertains viewers at his own expense.

Last year, The “Watch What Happens Live” host referred to Seacrest’s performers as “a group of losers,” something Seacrest has forgiven and Cohen has regretted.

The Bravo mogul took jabs at Seacrest’s rival  “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” broadcast while intoxicated last year, addressing it as, “Ryan Seacrest’s group of losers that are performing behind us.” Cohen continued to insult Seacrest’s broadcast: “I mean, with all due [respect], if you’ve been watching ABC tonight, you’ve seen nothing. I’m sorry.”

The following day, Cohen apologized on Twitter and admitted he had been “overserved,” leading to him getting drunk during the televised event.

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Cohen voiced his regrets in regards to his behavior on his “Radio Andy” show earlier this year, stating: “The only thing that I regret saying, the only thing is that I slammed the ABC broadcast, and I really like Ryan Seacrest, and he’s a great guy,” Cohen said. “And I really regret saying that, and I was just stupid and drunk and feeling it.”

Seacrest, 48, injected some humour into his comments about CNN’s decision: “There’s some pretty respectable people or at least one, right?” The host continued, “I think there’s a serious journalist and then a friend of mine who has a lot of fun, but it’s probably a good idea.”

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Seacrest was understanding towards Cohen’s blunder. “[I don’t] think they would say what they said about our performers if they weren’t drinking,” he explained.

The host finished his comments in comedic spirits, taunting Cohen with an upbeat threat: “Although, I might send them some Casa Dragones Tequila just to tempt them while they’re on the air.”




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