‘’It takes humility to seek feedback, it takes wisdom to understand it, analyse it and appropriately act on it.’’

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~ Stephen Covey

Feedback with reviews as a primitive step is taking the centre stage in almost every industry. Customers have more ways than ever of getting in touch with the businesses that serve them; all depending upon the experiences of the existing customers! Let us talk about the healthcare industry today.

From one person to another person, to today, one share to many, the entire review landscape is changed. Earlier, it used to be just word of mouth for the patients to go see a doctor. But now, the game is all about online goodwill. The number of patients reading online reviews, before ever setting foot into a doctor’s office is increasing day by day.

Wondering about the connection between reviews and patient feedback?

Well, to answer that,

Patient feedback is imperative and reviews are a primitive step in the same direction. Patient’s experience in your clinic/healthcare organization, determines the type of feedback. Thus, to cater to all these changing dynamics & execute an efficient healthcare marketing plan, digital healthcare solutions from providers like Nth Sense are proving to be saviours.

Clear feedback is the cornerstone of improvement

What does patient feedback bestow?

The Three Top Benefits-

  1. A clear picture of a patient’s needs and expectations.
  2. Opportunity for online reputation management.
  3. Scope to improvise and have constructive doctor patient communication.

The cycle of happy healthcare

Explaining the role of patient feedback

It is not just about one role; there is a cycle that is run by ‘patient feedback’.

Here is how it works-

  • It is vital for all healthcare professionals to understand how their patients perceive their service.
  • It aids in improving the quality of care as per the feedback & satisfaction rate.
  • The improved quality results in magnified satisfaction and patient retention like never witnessed before.
  • Retention brings continuous revenue.

Thus, healthcare facilities will yield greater productivity and increased revenue once this cycle starts to operate with utmost efficacy.

Ways to gather feedback

3 Effective Ways to Get Patient Feedback

  1. Post Appointment Email Survey for Outpatients.
  2. Post Discharge SMS Surveys for Inpatients.
  3. Kiosk-Based Feedback On-Premises at Hospitals

However, all these ways are quite technical. A personal, customised feedback mechanism can make patients feel more valued and increase their chances of giving an honest feedback.

Patient engagement solution providers like Nth Sense offer a unique feedback mechanism that can be leveraged by healthcare professionals of every specialty.


A well-designed patient feedback mechanism is the need to identify the gaps in the services provided.  This will, in turn, increase patient engagement as well as the good will of the doctor. In fact, patient feedback mechanisms are the only fool proof way for healthcare professionals to practise patient-centric care and at the same time experience a significant rise in the revenue.



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