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Rob Schneider‘s daughter may be a bit behind on her movie watchlist, but she’s not out of the loop on her dad’s comedic appeal. Nine-year-old Miranda told ET’s Will Marfuggi that she’s only seen “half of one” of her father’s movies, but said she still thinks her dad is funny.

The movie in question? 2001’s “The Animal”, which the father-daughter duo revealed they had to turn off because Miranda’s younger sister, Madeline, started crying.

Hopefully, Miranda’s movie list will increase this week with the release of “Daddy Daughter Trip”, a family affair film that stars herself and her father as a dad and daughter who embark on an outlandish family vacation. Schneider’s other daughter, singer Elle King, makes a cameo as well, and Adam Sandler’s wife, Jackie, plays Miranda’s mother.

“Adam was so sweet,” Schneider told ET. “One of the most fun movies I’ve ever worked on and my favorite co-star,” he said while gesturing to Miranda next to him.

Miranda also had a blast working on the film, and revealed she now hopes to grow up just like her father. “I hope I can be just as funny and a good parent as he is,” she said.

“Daddy Daughter Trip” is now playing in select theatres.


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