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Ricky Martin is set to deny the allegations against him in court.

According to TMZ, the singer will appeared by Zoom before a judge in Puerto Rico on Thursday to deny the claim by his 21-year-old nephew that they had a sexual relationship.

Ricky Martin’s Attorney Denies Singer Had ‘Sexual Or Romantic Relationship With His Nephew’

Martin’s nephew has said that their relationship went on for seven months, and has alleged that the singer stalked and harassed him, which Martin will also deny in court.

Last Friday, his nephew got a temporary restraining order that prohibits Martin from contacting him.

Martin and his legal team were not in court to rebut the allegations; with Thursday’s hearing, the judge will decide whether to extend the order.

Ricky Martin’s Brother Comes To His Defence, Backs Up Claim Of Nephew’s ‘Mental Health Challenges’

Sources also told TMZ that despite reports that Martin could face up to 50 years in prison if he is charged, there is currently no criminal investigation into the matter.

Martin’s lawyer has said his nephew suffers from mental health issues.


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