This is a guy who is so against unions that he penned this in 2020 against public employee collective bargaining power:

A guy who contributed to Truitt’s campaign:

Last summer, he appeared with the new Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson at a press conference announcing an “indoctrination” hotline to allow the public to report teachers to a task force that would “investigate” those claims.


That’s Stoops third from the right.

He attacked a former NC Charter School Teacher of the Year for openly identifying issues in the charter school expansion. Ironically Stoops founded his own charter school in Wake County with the help of Team CFA which was the original outfit that controlled the failed Innovative School District.

From an earlier post:

What Price as a veteran teacher explained obviously did not sit well with Stoops. In “Charter schools: Educational competition that is here to stay,” Stoops gives his version of the history of the charter school movement and how North Carolina supposedly took a view that it meant to establish competition for public schools.

He has praised vouchers that take funding from public schools.

That report he is talking about actually concluded that the voucher system in NC is so opaquely cloaked that it is impossible to ascertain if it is doing any good.

He is totally against the LEANDRO decision.

Judge Lee passed away yesterday.

He thinks that our schools teach CRT.

And he believes in merit pay which has never worked in public education.

Yet now he becomes “part of the establishment” – this man who only lasted one year inside a classroom and then devoted his entire career at dismantling public education in North Carolina.

Well done, Catherine.

And any person who was hired by Truitt to work at DPI, just remember that she just further showed her cards and her intentions. If you choose not to speak out or openly refute this terrible decision, then you are complicit.

Actually many of you are just by touting this new licensure / pay proposal that relies on merit pay.

Terry loves him some merit pay.


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