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Some real rock n’ roll. Tom Morello got more than his money’s worth when it came to private security during a recent Rage Against the Machine concert in Canada.

Near the end of the band’s show in Toronto on Saturday, during the performance of the band’s megahit “Killing in the Name”, a fan broke the perimeter and jumped onto stage.

Acting quickly, security guards rushed in to take the fan down — and in the process one guard inadvertently barrelled into Morello, sending his tumbling off the stage and down onto the ground.

Amid the confusion, as fans waited to see if Morello was okay, the lights in the arena came on and the audience waited to see if the rocker had been injured in the accidental scuffle.

After a long pause, Morello dusted himself off and stood up, outstretching his arms to the cheer of the crowd.

Taking up his guitar, Morello got back on stage and the concert continue as the errant fan — who attempted to jump over the rail and disappear into the crowd to no avail — was escorted by security elsewhere.

Rage’s current “Public Service Announcement” World Tour kicked off July 9, and has had some rocky moments even before this. During their concert in Chicago on July 11, lead singer Zack de la Rocha injured his leg while performing, and has since been forced to sit during concert performances in the days since the injury.


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