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For one night only, the Spirit Halloween Store becomes the playground for otherworldly beings.

Strike Back Studios released the official trailer for the upcoming horror movie based on the well-known Halloween pop-up store on Monday.

“Spirit Halloween: The Movie” follows a group of teens who decide to forego trick-or-treating in favour of staying overnight in a Spirit Halloween store. Unbeknownst to them, however, the store is home to a malevolent spirit.

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“For one year, on the anniversary of their death, they can possess things or people,” one of the teens reads out as scenes of them being attacked by animatronics in the store play.

The trailer shows that even they are not safe from the curse as one of their friends becomes possessed. They’ll have to use all of their wits to survive the night.

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Christopher Lloyd stars as the evil spirit. The cast includes Rachel Leigh Cook, Marla Gibbs, Donovan Colvan, Marissa Reyes, Jaiden J. Smith, Dylan Martin Frankel, and Brad Carter.

“Spirit Halloween: The Movie” will be available on-demand on Oct. 11 and is expected to hit theatres in the fall.

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