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Rachel Bilson is making amends with old friends.

The “O.C.” actress once sparked rumours she was dating “Gossip Girl” star Chace Crawford in the 2000s when she was seen hanging out with him.

“Someone saw us talking and the press went with, ‘Oh, did Rachel and Chace hookup?’” Bilson revealed to him on the Aug. 29 episode of her “Broad Ideas” podcast. “My publicist came to me and because at the time I was on a break from my serious relationship, I told her she had to kill the story.”

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The denial, however, came out far stronger than Bilson intended, a fact she still felt guilty about to this day.

“They printed it, but it had a quote from my publicist that this is completely fabricated and I’m like, ‘Wait that is so mean. I would never want to do that to Chace!’” she admitted.

Luckily the rumours and statement didn’t affect their friendship as Crawford laughed at the anecdote.

“You are so nice. I didn’t even realize this all went down,” he joked. “I would have been thrilled if they thought we were dating!”

While there may not have been anything official between them, Bilson did confess she had a brief crush on the star.

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During a night out with friends in New York City, the actress got competitive with a friend over Crawford.

“We were silently battling for Chace’s attention. We were for sure in competition for you,” she recalled, but all “The Boys” actor could remember about that night was how much fun it was.

“We were at the top floor where they had the great cheeseburgers,” he said. “That was a great night, and we all had a blast. New York City was so much fun back then.”

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