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Queen Elizabeth’s workload is officially getting lighter.

The 96-year-old British monarch, who recently celebrated her Platinum Jubilee after 70 years on the throne, has had the description of her official role rewritten for the first time in a decade.

Queen Elizabeth Has Reportedly Been Riding Her Horses Again

Last week, the annual report of the monarchy was released, revealing that the description of the Queen’s formal role as head of state outlined in 13 bullet points have been changed to be less specific.

The Sunday Telegraph also reported that the duties Elizabeth “must fulfil” have been removed from the list.

Over the last year, the Queen has reduced her public appearances as she deals with ongoing mobility issues.

During her Platinum Jubilee celebrations, Elizabeth said that she would continue to serve as Queen, but that her family would support her by taking on some of her duties.

In May, Prince Charles and his son Prince William stood in for the Queen at the state opening of parliament, and last month Charles represented his mother at the Royal Ascot and Trooping the Colour.

Queen Elizabeth Appears As A Hologram In Golden Carriage At Jubilee Pageant

As stated by the Sovereign Grant report, the Queen’s role is divided into two distinct areas.

“The role of Head of State, which is a formal constitutional concept, common to all nations and involves the official duties which The Queen, by constitutional convention, must fulfil,” is the first.

“The role of Head of Nation, a much more symbolic role in the life of the Nation,” the second reads, “involving duties which are not directed by the constitution but which The Queen carries out where appropriate or necessary.”

Elizabeth’s most recent public appearance was by Charles’s side at the Scotland Reddendo Parade on June 30.


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