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Priscilla Presley and her late husband Elvis Presley always liked to dress up.

In a new “Life in Looks” video for Vogue, Priscilla takes a trip back through old photos of some of her most iconic looks.

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“Even at Graceland he would be dressed up coming down the staircase. No pajamas,” she remarks.

Commenting on her bouffant hairstyle from a 1960 photo, Priscilla says, “This was the style, that was my hair. I had a bundt underneath and my hair went on top of it. The process wasn’t easy. “Probably about an hour and a half, is how long it took. And the problem was trying to keep it that way for a week.”


Talking about her 1967 wedding to Elvis, she says, “This was a well kept secret because we wanted it to be our wedding with our friends and not to be loaded with paparazzi.”

To go shopping for a dress, Priscilla would go to boutiques wearing sunglasses and accompanied by her friend, musician Charlie Hodge, in order to keep herself anonymous.

“I’d go into the dressing room, and I’d come out with a wedding dress and ask Charlie, “what do you think darling, do you like it?” People [thought] that we were getting married,” she recalls.

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“Elvis had this idea of always looking good for each other, always making sure that that never lapsed,” she says of their relationship. “We cared for each other, loved each other, had fun with each other, but never got so relaxed that we got sloppy.”

Seeing a ’70s picture of her and Elvis wearing a denim-and-fur getup with rhinestones, Priscilla says, “I look back and I go wow, we were kind of ahead of our time on this.”


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