By Becca Longmire.

Prince William has a secret skill.

The Prince of Wales visited the Olympic Park in London, U.K., on Thursday during a royal engagement and donned a pair of boxing gloves.

Apprentice Gabrielle Reid, 18, gave the royal a few tips, but he revealed he actually knew some things and that a knuckle injury had caused him to stop participating in the sport.

Reid shared, according to Hello!: “I taught him some basics – one-two, jab. He wasn’t bad! He picked it up quickly. Some defences as well – some slips, some rolls.”

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Clearly knowing what he was talking about, William then told the teen: “I could never get the hang of how to slip.”

Another attendee said: “He told me he had done a bit before. He had a few skills under his belt.”

They added, “He’s got a little knuckle injury, so he wouldn’t be taking it up any time soon.”

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William and Kate Middleton, who made the appearance to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the employment and education charity Coach Core, are big sports fans, with Kate loving tennis, while William is often seen at soccer games as president of the Football Association.


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