By Corey Atad.

It seems the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may be on the hunt for new digs.

According to the Santa Barbara New-Press, the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are rumoured to have already bought or are shopping around for a new home in Hope Ranch.

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Located just east of Santa Barbara, Cal., the affluent suburb is considered one of the wealthiest in the state, and is managed by a local homeowner’s association.

The report claims that the royal couple have “determined that their Montecito mansion does not properly accommodate them.”

Harry and Meghan purchased their current, $14 million Montecito home in June 2020. The property sits on 7.4 acres, with a view of the ocean, as well as amenities like a swimming pool, guesthouse, private theatre, spa and more.

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Homes in Hope Ranch, located about 16 kilometres away from their current residency, are currently going for prices as high as $22 million.

The Sun recently reported on “sophisticated out-of-the-area theft gangs” targeting high-value property crime in the area of Harry and Meghan’s current home.

Other celebrities who live in the area include Ellen DeGeneres, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Aniston, Adam Levine and Katy Perry.


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