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“The Crown” fans will be thrilled to hear Prince Harry also watches the show.

The Duke of Sussex chatted to Stephen Colbert as part of his promo tour for his new memoir Spare on Tuesday’s “The Late Show”.

Colbert couldn’t resist asking Harry if he’s ever watched “The Crown”, which is based on the Royal Family over the years.

Harry responded, “Yes, I have actually watched ‘The Crown’.”

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He then said as Colbert asked whether he’d seen the older or more recent episodes, “The older stuff and the more recent stuff.”

The host joked about whether Harry “fact-checks” it while he watches the show, to which the Duke laughed after imitating taking notes, “Yes, I do actually.”

He then added, pointing to his new memoir, “Which, by the way, [is] another reason why it’s so important that history has it right.”

The late Queen Elizabeth II was reportedly among the royals that also tuned in to “The Crown”.

Matt Smith — who portrayed her husband, Prince Philip, on the first two seasons of the TV series — shared what he’d heard about what Her Majesty thought of the show and recalled meeting one of the royals.

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“I met the now-King Charles [III], I told him that he had fabulous shoes … and then I met [Prince] Harry once at the Polo,” he said on the “Today” show. “[Harry] walked up to me and he went, ‘Granddad,’ because he watched the show.”

When it comes to Queen Elizabeth, Smith noted, “I heard the Queen had watched [‘The Crown’], and she used to watch it on a projector on a Sunday night, apparently.”

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