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Prince Harry has admitted to using cocaine, alcohol, and psychedelic drugs in the past to deal with the loss of his mother, Diana.

The Duke of Sussex made the admission to Anderson Cooper on the show “60 Minutes” while promoting the release of his new memoir Spare, which comes out tomorrow.

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Anderson asked Harry if he blamed the paparazzi for the tragic death of his mother in 1997 during a car crash when he was only 12.

Harry responded, “Yeah, I mean, it was obvious to us as kids the British press’s part in our mother’s misery, and I had a lot of anger inside of me that, luckily, I never expressed to anybody.”

He then admitted how he dealt with the difficult loss, “But I resorted to drinking heavily. Because I wanted to numb the feeling or I wanted to distract myself from whatever I was thinking. And I would, you know, resort to drugs as well.”

In a voiceover, Anderson explained how Harry smoked weed and used cocaine because the prince felt “hopeless” in his late 20s.

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Due to being unable to cry over his mother’s loss, Harry used psychedelic drugs like mushrooms to express untapped emotions inside of him.

“I would never recommend people to do this recreationally,” Harry said. “But doing it with the right people if you are suffering from a huge loss, grief or trauma, then these things have a way of working as a medicine.”

The prince also added that though he struggled with showing emotions over his mother’s loss, he realized “all she wanted was for me to be happy.”


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