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Post Malone is not having the best morning after an onstage accident Saturday night during a concert in St. Louis.

TMZ reports that the “Rockstar” rapper was midway through his concerts at the Enterprise Center when, during a performance of “Circles”, he walked down a ramp that had a hole in it, used to lower his guitar, which hadn’t been covered.

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Not seeing the hole, he stepped right into it, smashing his head hard on the stage before winding up flat on his back.

An eyewitness told TMZ that one of Malone’s legs was “shaking uncontrollably” before medics rushed in and helped him off the stage, with Malone promising fans he’d return after he’d had a few minutes to get himself together.

Miraculously, Malone kept his promise and returned to the stage, thanking the audience for sticking around while joking about the “big-a** hole in the stage” before singing a few more songs, reportedly clutching his ribs while he sang.

Malone’s manager, Dre London, shared an update on Malone’s condition via an Instagram post.

According to London, Malone “didn’t break 3 ribs,” but revealed that X-rays revealed he “had bruised his ribs!”

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Added London, “In true Posty fashion loving his fans he finished the show! I truly don’t know any artist like him🌎Talking to him few hrs ago he was still saying Dre don’t go hard on em’ explaining more then saying ‘the show must go on!😳let’s all keep him in our thoughts as we know he will wake up in pain.”


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