Logan Heights Shooting
Police armed with rifles wait outside a Logan Heights apartment house where officers found two people who were shot. Photo credit: OnScene.TV

San Diego police summoned a special weapons team to Barrio Logan Friday night after finding two people shot following reports of a disturbance.

Officers spotted a male who had been shot in the forehead upon arriving at the scene, at Logan Avenue and Sampson Street, according to OnScene.TV. The victim was rushed to a local hospital.

After a search of the area, they found another person down, with blood around the head and not moving, in a second-story apartment.

An uninjured male was also inside the unit, and he initially refused to communicate with officers.

At that point, they called in a SWAT team. Video from the scene showed officers armed with rifles standing sentry outside a small apartment building and a police helicopter hovering overhead as the standoff continued.

Once officers started to speak Spanish to the man holed up in the apartment, he began to speak to them and approached a window several times, according to OnScene. Police snipers also reported that they can see a weapon near the man.

Officers on the street, meanwhile, shutdown nearby clubs and restaurants on Logan and evacuated the area.


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