USS Nimitz Strike group
The USS Nimitz and accompanying warships in the Philippine Sea on Christmas Day. Navy photo

The Navy released photos this week of the USS Nimitz carrier strike group patrolling in the Pacific Ocean on Christmas Day.

The photos show the Kitsap, WA-based supercarrier cruising in the Philippine Sea flanked by the San Diego-based guided missile cruiser USS Bunker Hill and two destroyers.

Navy officials said the carrier’s 90-aircraft air wing is conducting over 100 sorties a day while on deployment.

The Nimitz is the Navy’s oldest nuclear-powered carrier and due for decommissioning in 2026 as new Gerald Ford Class warships enter the fleet.

“Like her namesake, Nimitz is dedicated to a free and open Pacific,” the Navy said, in reference to Adm. Chester Nimitz, who led the Navy to victory over the Japanese in World War II.

“To our family and friends back home celebrating the season…Happy Holidays!” the Navy added.


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