By Madison Brodsky, ETCanada.com Staff.

Peter Facinelli and Lily Anne Harrison are opening up about that “burrito belly” announcement that told fans they’re expanding their family.

“I think for us it was one of those things where we knew that people had gotten pictures of us and it was coming out anyways, so we were like, ‘Well, how do you wanna handle it? Do you wanna be a victim of it or do you want to just get ahead of it?’ So we were able to put it out there ourselves before it feels like somebody was breaking the news,” Facinelli told ET Canada.

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Harrison beat the news outlets to the punch when she posted a selfie on her Instagram three weeks ago, captioning the photo, “Not a burrito belly.” Facinelli added to the humorous announcement commenting under the post, “You’re pregnant? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“The burrito belly idea was all Lily. That’s why I love her, she’s got a great sense of humor,” Facinelli noted.

Now that everyone knows they’re expecting, the couple is excited to no longer have to “hide it” and can in turn attend events together again such as Sunday night’s Cali Cares charity fundraising dinner hosted by Vanessa Hudgens and Oliver Trevena to benefit for No Kid Hungry on behalf of their brand Caliwater at Spago in Beverly Hills.

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“It’s such a fantastic thing for this event to be doing because we’re raising kids for them not to be hungry. I mean, we have kids, but being able to be part of an event, that’s getting food into kids bellies. I mean, what better thing can we be doing on a Sunday night,” Facinelli said.

“I feel grateful and blessed that we’re able to like feed our kids and clothe them so anytime we can give back is a good day,” he added.

As for Harrison’s part, she’s “grateful” for an easy pregnancy thus far.

“It’s been a cakewalk for me, honestly, which you know, you never know, so I’m very grateful. It’s been very healthy and pretty easy,” she said.


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