By Corey Atad.

Pete Davidson has made his big return Instagram in an unexpected way.

After deleting his account back in February, Davidson has come back to the platform with a new joint account shared with football great Eli Manning.

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“Hello Instagram. I have decided to come back, but only with the GOAT,” Davidson says in his first video post, before turning the camera to reveal Manning lying next to him in bed.

“Your bed is so comfortable,” Manning comments, to which the comedian replies, “Aw, thanks, man. We’ve been having a great time on my bed.”

He adds that fans should “stay tuned for more photos on the ‘gram.”

In less than 24 hours, Davidson and Manning shared a number of new posts, along with an Instagram Story video showing them passing a football back and forth,

One post shows Manning lighting a cigarette for Davidson.

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Another has Davidson showing off his New York Giants tattoo.

In another video post, the pair answer the question, “big spoon or little spoon?”

Manning responds, “big spoon,” only to reveal he thought the question was about what kind of spoon does he prefer for eating.

On YouTube, the Giants shared a video of Davidson and Manning’s Instagram bonding session.


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