I love when people refer to their hair as their crown. It’s so empowering and honoring to think of your hair as your crown. When you do this, it quickly develops a desire to take extra care of your hair. That’s why I’m excited to partner with Pantene and their Nutrient Blends Shampoo. Conditioner, and Treatment collections. This three step collection was discovered and curated by Pantene’s global team of scientists to ensure you get all the nutrient-rich ingredients your hair needs. Formulated with with sulfate*, fragrance*, silicone*, paraben, dye and mineral oil-free ingredients, because we all want to achieve healthy, good looking hair. 

During these dry months of the year, it is important for us to give our hair extra TLC. The seasonal dry air can make my scalp very dry so it is important for me to use products that keep my hair, from root to ends, moisturized and healthy. Pantene’s Nutrient Blends Collection helps me achieve just that and more with their perfectly formulated ingredients. It is a must to use during this time of year to prepare our hair for the best results when summer sun approaches. 

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