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It’s been an uphill battle for Ozzy Osbourne in recent years.

The iconic rocker sat down for a new interview with The Observer in the Guardian and opened up about his health issues, including his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis.

Earlier this month, Osbourne surprised fans by joining Black Sabbath for a performance at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

“Since I had my [first neck] surgery and everything got f**ked up, it’s been three or four years since I’ve performed,” he says. “And I was thinking it’ll never happen again. But that show’s given me a bit of hope.”

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Getting to perform did take a bit of work and help from his wife, he explained.

“Sharon had them put in a bracket at the back, to hold me up,” Osbourne said. “So I was leaning against that. And I was holding the microphone. I was kind of wedged in. Every time I see my Parkinson’s doctor, the first thing he says to me is: ‘Have you had any falls?’ Not only that, I’m on blood thinners. I’m pretty f**ked up, actually.”

In June, the musician had two metal plates that had been screwed into his spine removed.

Sharon explained, “The screws had come loose, and were chipping away at the bone. And the debris had lodged under his spine. So his spine, instead of being like this, was like this.”

“With the pressing on the spinal column, I got nerve pain. I’d never f**king heard of nerve pain!” Osbourne added. “You know when you’re a kid, and you’re playing with snow and your hands get really cold? Then you go in and you pour on hot water, and they start getting warm? And you get those chills? And it f**king hurts? It’s like that.”

The pain from his spinal issues even had him hoping for the end, he recalled.

“It got so bad that at one point I thought, Oh God, please don’t let me wake up tomorrow morning. Because it was f**king agony,” Osbourne admitted.

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In 2020, the 73-year-old shared publicly that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, which has come with its own difficulties.

“You think you’re lifting your feet, but your foot doesn’t move. I feel like I’m walking around in lead boots,” he said.

Despite it all, Osbourne has tried to remain positive and move forward without letting his health problems get to him.

“You learn to live in the moment, because you don’t know [what’s going to happen]. You don’t know when you’re gonna wake up and you ain’t gonna be able to get out of bed,” he said. “But you just don’t think about it.”


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