By Corey Atad.

Oprah Winfrey is sharing info about her health.

On the latest episode of her “The Life You Want” class on the Oprah Daily website, Winfrey revealed that last year she underwent double knee surgery.

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“I had double knee surgery last year. I had knee surgery in August, and then I had another knee surgery in November,” she said. “When I came home the first time, I literally could not lift my leg. I couldn’t lift my heel off of the bed, and I vowed if I was ever able to get up, walk around, and move again—that I would take advantage of movement, exercise, and of being able to be fully in my body.”

As she explained, the experience changed the way she thinks about her health and her body.

“As I was rehabilitating, I started hiking. Everyday, I tried to hike more and do more,” she said. “My appreciation for every organ and every limb has expanded exponentially. So, you mentioning that really brought that home to me.”

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For the online class, Winfrey welcomed guest Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman, a psychologist, to talk about health and all the things in life they are grateful for.

Previous classes have focused on service, renewal, forgiveness and more.


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