By Brent Furdyk.

Many actors have lifted a memento or two from the set after walking away from a film or television project, and Olivia Colman reveals that’s precisely what she did while working on “The Crown”.

Colman, who played the late Queen Elizabeth II in the series’ third and fourth seasons, revealed what she took during a recent appearance on “The Graham Norton Show”.

As viewers may recall, the third season of “The Crown” opens with Colman, as the Queen, admiring her visage on a new stamp; that stamp, however, featured an image of Colman’s Queen, not the actual monarch.

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While filming the scene — which took place on her very first day on the job — Colman admired the attention to detail that went into placing her face on the stamp, and couldn’t contain her excitement.

“It was a lovely props person who said, ‘I’m not allowed to do this, but take that,’” Olivia recalled, miming slipping the stamp into her pocket.

“And so I have it,” she added.


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