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Noah Schnapp has responded after Doja Cat called him out for sharing her private DMs about his “Stranger Things” co-star Joseph Quinn.

Schnapp shared a TikTok video of himself playing a math game while singing along to Doja’s “Kiss Me More” this week.

He added in the comments, “Guys everything is all good I apologized and I still follow her and love her music no hard feelings ❤️❤️.”

@noahschnappBeat my score♬ kiss me more – audios &lt3

The post comes after Schnapp posted Doja’s DM on TikTok, in which she asked: “Noah can u tell Joseph to hmu” before adding: “wait no. does he have a gf?”

“LMAOO slide into his dms,” Schnapp told her at the time, before sending across Quinn’s account details after she said she couldn’t find him.

Doja then hit out at the 17-year-old during an Instagram Live.

She said: “When you’re that young, you make mistakes. You do dumb s**t. I’m trying to be super fair,” admitting she made mistakes herself when she was younger.

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Doja went on, “The fact that Noah did that and went and posted a private conversation between me and him is so unbelievably socially unaware and whack.

“That’s borderline snake s**t. That’s like weasel s**t. I’m not saying that encapsulates his entire personality.”


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