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Nick Carter is pouring his grievances over the loss of his brother Aaron into his music.

On Friday, Jan. 6, the 42-year-old Backstreet Boy alumni posted a teaser to his Instagram with the date ‘1-11-23’ captioned over the video.

The song’s music video also contains never before seen footage of Nick and Aaron together when they were younger, according to a source that spoke with TMZ.

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In the Instagram video, the pop singer can be seen standing in front of a projector as images of flowers and water wash across his saddened facial expression.

According to TMZ, Nick began working on the song immediately after his brother was found dead in his home in November at 34.

TMZ has been told that the song expresses Nick’s unconditional love for his younger brother and his sympathy for his brother’s slew of personal troubles throughout his life.

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Given the brothers’ tumultuous relationship over the years, the song will surely be full of emotions. In 2019, Nick got a restraining order after claiming his younger brother threatened to kill his pregnant wife and unborn child.

Nick has since given a tribute performance to his brother Aaron while on tour with the Backstreet Boys and, with the help of his sister Angel, raised money for a children’s mental health charity.


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