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Taylor Swift’s new music is being celebrated by fans who believe one song speaks to their struggles.

The musician released her new album Midnights on Oct. 21, which quickly climbed to the top of the Spotify charts.

One song from the album, however, drew attention from fans who believe the song is about the suffering of people who have experienced miscarriages.

Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ Becomes Top Selling Album Of 2022

“Bigger Than The Whole Sky” features lyrics like “Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye/ You were bigger than the whole sky / You were more than just a short time / And I’ve got a lot to pine about, I’ve got a lot to live without / I’m never gonna meet. What could’ve been, would’ve been / What should’ve been you / What could’ve been, would’ve been you.”

Swift usually keeps quiet about the subjects of her songs, so it’s unlikely she will clarify the song’s meaning, but Twitter users were still grateful for the anthem.

“When I listened to ‘Bigger Than the Whole Sky’ all I could see in my mind is the baby I lost and this put words to everything I’ve felt since the miscarriage. I can’t imagine this being about anything else. 😭 #TSmidnighTS,” wrote one fan.

“‘Bigger Than the Whole Sky’ sounds like a different level of grief for a Taylor Swift song, about an event that didn’t happen yet still has devastating, life-altering effects. I played it for my wife this morning, and, like me, she heard it in the context of miscarriage,” wrote another.

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Other fans believed the meaning of the song is more general and possibly about a breakup like many previous tracks.

Despite Swift’s album receiving mostly positive praise, it’s also come under scrutiny recently when a moment in her “Anti-Hero” music video was interpreted as fatphobic. The scene has since been removed from the Apple Music version of the video.


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