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Actors Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka celebrated their twins Harper and Gideon’s “golden birthday” with emotional notes and heartwarming pictures.

The “How I Met Your Mother” actor shared pictures of himself hugging the kids on Instagram – because “they’re super fun to hug,” he wrote.

Harris stated in his emotional note: “Harper and Gideon are, without question, the greatest two things that have ever happened to me. They inspire me, make me chortle, allow me to be an imperfect father, and fill me with a type of love I never knew could exist.”

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He wrote about his experience as a parent to the twins and said, “Being a parent is all-consuming, the most constantly challenging thing David and I have ever done. But so, so worth it. They are remarkable. They are my children. They are my world. I am supremely proud of who they have become, of who they are becoming, and am just so grateful to have them in my life.”


Burtka, a full-time chef, also shared an Instagram note for the twins, “Happy 12th GOLDEN Birthday to these incredible kids! I can’t believe how fast this has all gone! I am so proud of how you are growing up. You are sweet, caring, compassionate and creative and have the best sense of humor. I am proud to be your dad and I can’t wait to see how the next 12 years evolve. I couldn’t ask for better kids.”

Burtka guest starred in “How I Met Your Mother”, in which Harris played the lead role. He has also featured in shows like “CSI: NY” and “Iron Chef America”.

Harris was last seen in the web series “Uncoupled” and the movie “The Matrix Resurrections”.



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