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Could Abby Sciuto make a comeback on Global’s “NCIS”?

In an interview with TV Line, showrunner Steven D. Binder shared that he would like the show to invoke the character played by Pauley Perrette.

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Perrette exited the show in 2018 at the end of season 15, and her character has barely been mentioned since.

That has stood in stark contrast to Agent Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon, who exited the show in October 2021, during its 19th season. Since then, his character has been mentioned frequently.

“We are always thinking about ways to involve [Gibbs] in a way that doesn’t ‘rip off the scab’ and doesn’t ruin what I thought was the only fitting send-off for this guy,” Binder explained.

“I want to start doing that with Abby’s character as well,” he continued.

I’d like to start feeling her [presence] a little more,” Binder said. “I thought we were a little remiss in not [doing that sooner], but there are so many moving parts…. But she is still out there fighting the good fight and watching us, and she is a part of us and we’re a part of her.”

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Fans hoping that means Abby will be coming back may not want to get their hopes up, though. about a year after leaving the show, Perrette tweeted, “NO I AM NOT COMING BACK! EVER!”

She also alluded to an incident in which Harmon’s dog allegedly bit a member of the crew, with a CBS exec telling TV Line at the time that Perrette “did come to us a couple years ago with a workplace concern. We immediately investigated it and we resolved it to everyone’s satisfaction.”

Season 20 of “NCIS” premieres Sept. 19 in a crossover event with “NCIS: Hawai’i”, starting at 9 p.m. on Global.


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