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NBC is getting slammed online after the broadcaster completely dismissed legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne during his live halftime show, part of the Buffalo Bills vs. Los Angeles Rams NFL season opener on Thursday night.

Viewers are calling out NBC for basically making Osbourne’s performance exclusive to the SoFi Stadium crowd after they failed to show the singer for more than 10 seconds onscreen.

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Osbourne, 73, was already halfway through performing a new song from his latest album Patient Number 9, which dropped Friday, when he was introduced on TV by sportscaster Maria Taylor. NBC briefly focused the camera on the singer before quickly cutting back to Taylor and her colleagues, Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison, to recap the first half of the 2022 NFL season kickoff game.

Fan videos circulating online show that Osbourne also sang his hit “Crazy Train” while the halftime panel continued on with their report.

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After robbing viewers of Osbourne’s performance, a number of upset fans took to Twitter to call out NBC for finding a way “to f**k up a sports broadcast” by “yelling” onscreen “about what we all just watched.”

Osbourne’s halftime show marked his second time taking the stage since undergoing a “life-altering” surgery in June. Prior to last night, he performed at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games in August.

Hours before taking the stage at SoFi Stadium, Osbourne paid tribute to “our greatest Queen” after news broke that the beloved Queen Elizabeth had passed away.


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