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Jeremiah Green is battling cancer. The 45-year-old Modest Mouse drummer’s mom revealed her son’s stage 4 cancer diagnosis in a Christmas day Facebook post.

“Please send healing vibes for my son, Jeremiah Green, who is battling stage 4 cancer,” Carol Namatame wrote. “He’s is so strong and so brave and hanging in there!”

Later, Marco Collins, a Seattle-based radio personality, gave more insight into Green’s cancer battle.

“Just found out my friend Jeremiah Green (Modest Mouse) has pulled off the band’s tour because he is currently undergoing chemo treatments to battle Stage 4 Cancer,” Collins wrote on Facebook. “Despite having a stage 4 diagnosis, his prognosis is good! Also his oncologist is a big MM fan (so he’s got that in his corner!)”

“Sending him nothing but love & healing energy!” he added. “Get well buddy. We’re all pulling for you!”

Green has yet to publicly speak out about his diagnosis.

The drummer is a founding member of Modest Mouse. He started the rock band in 1992 alongside singer/guitarist Isaac Brock and bassist Eric Judy.

Green has performed with the band since, however, between 2003 to 2004 he took time off. Modest Mouse most recently released The Golden Casket in June 2021 and is set to perform at several festivals beginning in March 2023.


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