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Angie Everhart has been accused by a neighbour of indulging in some Halloween-style vandalism.

According to a report in TMZ, the former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model is embroiled in a feud with her next-door neighbour, who’s accusing Everhard of splattering eggs on her front door.

Everhart’s neighbour, Christina Savar, tells TMZ that Everhart had yelled at her children, complaining that their barking dog had woken her up.

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Savar claims she confronted Everhart about the incident in the hallway of their apartment building in Los Angeles, which became heated when Everhart claimed Savar was threatening her and said she was recording the altercation on her phone.

Savar then alleges that someone subsequently rang her doorbell at approximately 1 a.m., but she declined to answer. The following morning, however, she alleges her front door and balcony were covered with messy egg yolk.

Believing Everhart to be the egg-wielding vandal, Savar called police.

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“Law enforcement tells TMZ they spoke to both parties about the incident, but no arrests were made and no report was taken,” noted TMZ, adding that police say there have been no further complaints from either party.

While Savar tells the outlet she’s contemplating moving because she and her family don’t feel safe living next to Everhart, the model tells a very different story.

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“Obviously she had nothing to do with this, which is why police didn’t even file a report,” Everhart’s rep tells TMZ. “Angie would never do anything to set a bad example for her son. This woman was served an eviction notice today by the building, because she has had problems consistently with many of the neighbours.”

Those “problems,” Everhart’s rep added, include numerous complaints about Savar’s dog barking.


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