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Miranda Cosgrove was just 14 when “iCarly” made its TV debut, and in a new interview she opens up about how the passage of time has given her a different perspective on what it was like to grow up in front of the camera.

“For sure there was pressure,” she said during an appearance on the “Reign with with Josh Smith” podcast.

“Even when you’re not on TV or acting or anything, just growing up, there’s a lot of pressure to try to figure so many things out,” she added.

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She also revealed that social media was a minefield, leading her to deliberately avoid scores of positive comments while seeking out the occasional negative one.

“When I was younger, I would go through and kind of ignore all the nice comments and look for the one mean one,” she said. “I would be going through for awhile and be like, ‘Oh, found it!’”

Now that she’s reprising the role of Carly Shay on the Paramount+ reboot of “iCarly”, she’s come to look at her teenage experience through different eyes.

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“I feel like when I was younger, I didn’t think about it as much as I do now,” she said. “Looking back, I think, ‘That seems like it would’ve been really hard.’ But when I was doing it, I wasn’t really thinking about it as much. I was more just kind of living my life.”

Cosgrove also explained how her lack of so-called “normal” experiences during that time in her life didn’t become apparent until well after the fact.

“When I was really young, I would go in to write songs and the different people I was co-writing with would be like, ‘What’s the craziest thing that happened with a guy you were dating recently?’” she said. “And I’d be thinking, ‘I don’t know,’ I didn’t really have any crazy stories because I wasn’t really having a real high school or middle school experience.”

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It wasn’t until she decided to enrol in college, she shared, that she felt that part of her life open up.

“My life really took a huge turn when I did that,” she said of attending USC. “My whole life changed, but it was awesome. I made a lot of friends and I got to just take classes that I was interested in. I tried photography and I ended up majoring in psychology and it was just a really solid, good experience.”



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