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Miles Teller has all the right stuff to be the next James Bond, so says his grandmother Leona Flowers.

Flowers, 82, who goes by “Mup,” shared her thoughts about her movie star grandson on Twitter on Friday and addressed comments that Teller not being British would be a major obstacle to him landing the iconic role.

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“They’re looking for an actor to replace Daniel Craig for future 007 movies,” Mup tweeted from her @MupTheQueen account on Wednesday. “I think my grandson, Miles Teller, has proven that he has everything they’re looking for- talent, looks, strength,worldwide appeal & oh, so cool. He can be that guy!! Wouldn’t he be great?”

Mup, who has over 5k followers on Twitter, states in her Twitter bio, “I’m Miles teller’s Gramma,” and describes herself as the “published author of the book-PAGES FROM GRANDMA’S NOTEBOOK” who is “[a]lways In search of the right words to speak that will lift and inspire.” Unsurprisingly, the majority of her tweets are either affirmations or praise for all of her grandkids (not just Teller).

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Replying to those who felt that Teller wouldn’t be able to play the role of 007 because he’s American — to date, Bond has always been played by a British actor — Flowers said that Teller was fully capable of convincingly playing a Brit.

“If he was from Great Britain I would agree,” one person tweeted of Mup’s casting suggestion. “He could make you think he was,” Mup tweeted back.

The proud G-ma went on to point out that “lots of Europeans have played Americans,” adding that Miles “studied acting which includes accents.” She also said that her grandson, who reportedly has Scottish heritage, “is very proud of his genetic connection to the British Isles.”

When another Twitter user questioned Teller’s ability to pull off an English accent, Granny responded, “He’s an actor, my dear. He can do it.”

It’s only a matter of time now until Teller fans start a petition to get the actor an audition with Bond producer Barbara Broccoli.


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