By Sarah Curran.

Michelle Yeoh is revealing how she feels about Liam Hemsworth replacing Henry Cavill as Geralt in “The Witcher”.

The actress stars as Scian in Netflix‘s “The Witcher: Blood Origin”.

‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’: Full Trailer Unveiled For Netflix Prequel Series

“I think Henry did such an amazing job,” said Yeoh, while speaking with E! News. “Let’s see what Liam has to bring, right? That’s how it is.”

Yeoh also discussed her character’s tattoos in the series. 

“All of them have a meaning,” she said. 

Liam Hemsworth To Replace Henry Cavill In Season 4 Of ‘The Witcher’

“The ones on the forehead say, ‘Promises made shall not waver.’ It’s all with intention. Her tribe was one that believed in true loyalty. When you ask a favor from the Ghost Tribe, you should be very clear why you are doing it, because all deeds don’t go unnoticed.”

Yeoh added, “I get to play an elf, and you don’t see an Asian-looking elf running around a lot.”

“The Witcher: Blood Origin” hits Netflix on Dec. 25.


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