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Michael Bublé is ready to meet “Daddy’s Little Girl!”

The Canadian musician and his wife, Luisana Lopilato, are preparing to welcome their fourth child and in a new interview with ET Canada, the doting dad shared how he’s connecting with his unborn child through music – and even treated us to a serenade of the sweet song he sings to her.

“I have talked to that little girl and sung to her every day that I can,” Bublé told us while promoting the Canadian and U.S. run of his Higher Tour, which commenced on Monday. “It’s different with the fourth [child]. With the first three, we knew there was a baby in the tummy [and] I would sing, but now that we’ve gone through this so many times, I really recognize this little girl, so I talk to her a lot.”

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Quizzed on what he says or sings to her, Bublé broke into a performance of The Mills Brothers’ “Daddy’s Little Girl.” The 1969 track has heartwarming lyrics like, “You’re the end of a rainbow, a pot of gold. You’re daddy’s little girl, to have and hold.”

Having and holding his new daughter is exactly what Bublé, 46, can’t wait to do and there’s not long to go – the British Columbia native revealed he’s only two weeks away from the precious moment.

“I just can’t wait to hold her because I feel like I’ve met her already,” said Bublé, who’s already dad to eight-year-old son Noah, six-year-old son Elias and four-year-old daughter Vida. “It’s different getting to hold and snuggle her and I’m really excited. I love it. Weirdly, I love changing diapers. I’m really good at it. If this career of singing is gone, I would be an amazing diaper changer!”

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Not that his musical success appears in danger of dying down anytime soon. Bublé released his eleventh full-length studio album, Higher, in March and the record has since become his ninth Top 10 in Billboard’s Top Album Sales Chart. The release also hit #1 in the U.K., Scotland and Hungary and the top five in 10 countries including Canada.

His first album since 2018’s Love, Bublé called on legendary friends like Paul McCartney, who served as a producer. He also covered McCartney’s song, “My Valentine” on the record. However, his favourite track is a poignant cover of late Sam Cooke’s “Bring It On Home To Me” and he recently began tearing up after turning up to a London venue to find the West End Gospel Choir had been perfecting a performance of the song.

In a video of the encounter shared exclusively with ET Canada, Bublé joined the group as they sang the track, then declared, “That was truly one of the greatest moments of my life.”

The choir were just as surprised, having been led to believe they were simply filming snippets for Bublé’s social media platforms as he promoted Higher.

The musicians aren’t the only ones who have recently served Bublé a surprise he’ll never forget – he shared an adorable video of Noah welcoming him home from the U.K. by playing the Higher single, “I’ll Never Not Love You,” on the piano.

And while Bublé was clearly moved by the cute performance, he tells us what went on behind-the-scenes was even more emotional.

“That was really deep for my wife and I,” he shared about Lopilato, 34. “I came right home from the tour and my wife said, ‘Noah wants to show you something. He’s worked really hard on this song.’ I was blown away. I was shocked. But as the song went on, what you can’t see is what got me – my wife holding the phone and tears streaming down her face. That got me.”

Photo: Warner Music
Photo: Warner Music

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Bublé added that it was a reminder of the incredible power of music, something he constantly hears about from fans all over the world. Many of them also reach out on TikTok or Instagram for advice about their own children developing a passion for music.

“They’ll say, ‘My kid’s a singer,’ or, ‘My kid loves music,’ and my answer is always the same,” he said. “Success can never be based on what you sell or how many people see you. It is falling in love with the art. What a beautiful gift to be given – to have music in your life. It will never hurt you. It will never let you down. It’s always the deepest, most romantic relationship.”

“And I’m so happy for my son and so happy for my other son and my daughter,” he continued. “I hope that in two weeks when I meet my new little girl, she has that same love and passion for music because it’s really special and a really beautiful gift that God gives you. I’m just glad they have that.”

Watching Noah – who also co-wrote his album’s lead single, “Higher,” – inherit his love for performing is even more significant given what the little boy has been through. He was just three when he bravely battled live cancer, but made a full recovery and Bublé cherishes every moment with him.

“I feel the same way about my wife,” Bublé said. “I look at her and all we’ve been through and I feel really grateful. I got really lucky. I have a beautiful family and I’ve tried to make sure that they understand that when you come from a place of privilege, you have a responsibility to lead with your actions and that’s what we try to do as a family.”

Bublé was recently able to enjoy some cherished family time, hitting up California’s Legoland. However, it wasn’t the Lego blowing his mind during the visit.

“You know who I just met at Legoland? Taika Waititi!” he said, his eyes lighting up as he recalled running into the New Zealand director, who’s behind blockbusters like “Thor: Love and Thunder”.  “I lost my mind. He was so sweet with me. One of my favourite movies of all time is ‘What We Do in the Shadows’. [New Zealanders] are geniuses!”

Family time and fanboying aside, Bublé’s thrilled to return home to Canada with his Higher Tour, which hits Vancouver on October 1, before further dates throughout the country.

“Come and see you boy!” he said. “I love you so much you guys. Let me show you what true Canadian firepower is all about. Come and see the show everybody!”


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