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Michael Bublé is reflecting on his work-life balance and the toll on his career.

The musician spoke on the “That Gaby Roslin Podcast” about his career as a star and what choosing family over his work meant for his music.

Bublé, who shares nine-year-old Noah, six-year-old Elias, four-year-old Vida, and baby Cielo with his wife Luisana Lopilato admits that starting a family put brakes on his music.

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“You can’t do both successfully. Relatively, you can have success, but I think one always suffers,” he stated.

“It’s funny, if you talk to my manager, he’s a beautiful guy but he’s managed a lot of big careers, he’d say flat out, ‘If Bublé didn’t get married and have those kids he’d be a bigger star, easily, truthfully,’” continued the star.

The 46-year-old met his future wife in 2008 when they were introduced following a concert in Buenos Aires. They were engaged two years later in 2010 and then married in 2011.

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“My manager always says to me, ‘It isn’t tough to make the decisions kid, it’s tough to live with the consequences of those decisions, so can you live with the consequences of that Mike? If you put your family first it’s going to hurt our career in those countries, what do you think?’” recalled Bublé. “And, of course, for me it sucks as, of course, I’m telling you here that I’m thinking about it all the time and I’m sitting in bed thinking, ‘Oh damn.’”

His 11th studio album, Higher, was released in March of this year where it performed well in the UK, hitting number 1 on the UK Official Chart, but performed less well in Italy where it peaked at 43, and 11 on the Dutch Album Top 100.

“Since I came to the UK to do that press it meant that on that trip I didn’t go to Holland or Italy, I had to make the choice, ‘OK where will I spend the time,’ and that probably wasn’t great for Italy, wasn’t great for the chart numbers in Italy, Holland could have been better, that’s kind of what I mean,” he explained of the lower performance.

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Still, the star is finding a way to work both his family and music together.

His wife made a cameo in the music video for his song “I’ll Never Not Love You” where she showed off her growing baby bump.

Listen to the full interview on “That Gaby Roslin Podcast”.


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