This week’s episode of Mountain Philosopher further explores the faulty licensure / teacher pay proposal by DPI and the Human Capital Roundtable. John deVille interviews Justin Parmenter, whose work in digging through communications by all parties has exposed what has become another stain in the attack against public school teachers.

Earlier in the day deVille released this graphic highlighting the role that PR Firm Eckel & Vaughan have played in helping to market this merit pay scheme for teachers.

Not ironically, they also were hired to help lobby the FDA to not ban the use of menthol in cigarettes marketed specifically to the African American community.

Parmenter released a communication chain on his Twitter account (@JustinParmenter) today that also highlighted Eckel & Vaughan (EV).

In fact, read that whole thread and his recent posts on his blog Notes From the Chalkboard.

It seems odd on the surface that DPI would need a public relations firm to sell a surreptitiously crafted merit pay scheme and licensure plan to both the NC General Assembly and a state that has about 100,000 classroom teacher positions.

But then again, maybe not. The relationship that State Superintendent Catherine Truitt has decided to have with teachers in this state is a one-sided toxic relationship where she takes and never gives. Her loyalties lie with the powers that be in the NCGA and with her top donors and enablers.

If you look into Parmenter’s thread there is reference to NCAE, the largest teacher advocacy organization in the state.

Never has Truitt even engaged in talking with NCAE or seeking input from them. In fact, Truitt does not seek input from teachers in a substantial manner. Questionnaires with prepared answers and no room for giving thoughts and rehearsed “discussions” in select venues are the extent of her engagement.

That’s why this plan absolutely “ain’t Kool.”


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