After the May 19 conference in which Mercedes was announced the reorganization of the model range, the German luxury manufacturer now comes up with details on how production will be organized in its factories around the world.

Mercedes intends to offer only electric models from 2030 where market conditions will allow it. To this end, Mercedes will reorganize its production according to the new strategy “Economics on Desire” presented on May 19, following which the future range of models was divided into three categories: Top End luxury, Core Luxury and Entry Luxury.

Here’s how the range of models will be distributed in Mercedes factories

Sindelfingen plant
It will continue to be Mercedes’ flagship plant as it is today. Here will be produced the models from the Top End Luxury category based on the AMG.EA platform (AMG electric architecture) from 2025.

Currently, in the Factory 56 from the Sindelfingen plant, the EQS and S-Class models are producing since 2021 on the same production line. Also in Sindelfingen are producing Mercedes E-Class sedan, T-Modell and All Terrain, CLS, AMG GT 4-door and soon the new GLC.

Comment: Top End Luxury include AMG, Maybach and G-Class models. Not all of them will be producing on the AMG.EA platform. Mercedes G-Class and the future electric G-Class will use a dedicated platform. Maybach S-Class will probably use the MB.EA platform.

Bremen Plant
From 2025, the production of models from the Core Luxury category based on the MB.EA (Mercedes-Benz Electric Architecture) platform will start here.

Currently, here are produced the electric models EQC (since 2019) and EQE (since some months).  The conventional models Mercedes C-Class sedan, T-Model, coupe, convertible, E-Class coupe and convertible , GLC and GLC Coupe and AMG SL are producing here in addition to these two electric models.

Rastatt plant
The plant will be dedicated from 2024 to the Entry Luxury category, which includes models based on the new MMA (Mercedes Modular Architecture) platform.

Currently, the electric EQA SUV is producing at Rastatt, as well as the conventional A-Class, B-Class and GLA models. In the future, the compact range will be reduced from 7 models to 4, as we have already announced.

Kecskemét plant
In 2024, the plant in Kecskemet will be dedicated to the Entry Luxury category, which includes models based on the MMA platform. Also here will be producing a model based on the MB.EA platform.
Keckemet currently produces the EQB electric SUV and the conventional A-Class, CLA coupe and CLA Shooting brake.

Comment: The current EVA platform is dedicated to EQE, EQE SUV, EQS and EQS SUV. Mercedes hasn’t gave any detail about what platform will be used for the future electric C-Class. If they will go for MMA platform, it is possible that the future electric C-Class will have produced here.

Beijing plant
Mercedes does not say what models will be produced here in the future.
At present, the Beijing Benz Automotive Co. joint venture Ltd. (BBAC) has been producing Mercedes models since 2005: EQA, EQB, EQC and conventional models C-Class (long wheelbase), E-Class (long wheelbase), A-Class (long wheelbase), GLA, GLB, GLC (wheelbase) long) and AMG A35 L.

Tuscaloosa plant
The production of the EQS SUV will start here in 2022 followed by the EQE SUV in 2023. Both are produced on the same production line as the conventional GLE, GLE Coupe, GLS and Maybach GLS models.

Plants for battery production

Mercedes has developed a strategy to have a battery plant near each plant. Thus, they have battery plants on three continents.

Kamenz plant
This plant produces batteries for hybrid and electric models since 2012. A second plant produces batteries since 2018 for EQC and since 2021 for compact electric SUVs.

Beijing plant
Here are producing the batteries for EQC since 2019 and for EQE starting this year.

Jawor plant
The plant in Poland produces batteries for the hybrid models C, E and S-Class since 2020 and for the electric SUVs EQA and EQB since 2021.

Bibb County plant
The plant in Bibb County located near the plant in Tuscaloosa, USA, will produce batteries for EQE and EQS SUVs.

Sindelfingen plant
A new battery plant will be built on the Sindelfingen plant platform.

Electric drive systems

Unterturkheim plant
The new generation of electric propulsion systems will be developed in house and will be built in Unterturkheim from 2024.

Berlin plant
Here will be producing the high performance YASA engines, a manufacturer acquired by Mercedes in 2021.

Mercedes production plants


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