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Spice Girls singer Melanie Chisholm has revealed she was sexually assaulted in a candid new interview.

The singer, known as Mel C/Sporty Spice in the beloved ’90s group, is set to release her new book Who I Am: My Story on Thursday.

Ahead of the release, she spoke to Elizabeth Day on the “How To Fail” podcast, recalling how she was assaulted when she was 23 in Istanbul, Turkey.

She shared, “It happened to me on the night before the first-ever Spice Girls live performance.

“We were in Istanbul, we did two shows over there, and we’d never done a full-length concert before, so obviously we’d rehearsed for weeks ahead, costume fittings, makeup, hair, everything was leading towards the pinnacle of everything I’d ever wanted to do and ever wanted to be.”

Chisholm went on, “What drives me is being onstage, being a performer, so here we were the eve of the first-ever Spice Girls show, so I treat myself to a massage in the hotel.

“And what happened to me I kind of buried immediately because there was other things to focus on. I didn’t want to make a fuss, but also I didn’t have time to deal with it.

“Because I didn’t deal with it at the time, I realize that I allowed that to be buried for years and years and years.

“And then when I was writing the book it came to me in a dream, or I kind of woke up and it was in my mind and I was like ‘Oh my gosh, I haven’t even thought about having that in the book.’”

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Chisholm continued, “Then of course I had to think, Do I want to reveal this?, and I just thought, I think it’s really important for me to say it and to finally deal with it and process it – and for other people.

“I suppose in a version of sexual assault it’s a mild version, but I felt violated. I felt very vulnerable. I felt embarrassed, and then I felt unsure. ‘Have I got this right, what’s going on?’

“I was in an environment where you take your clothes off with this professional person. It has affected me. But I buried it. Lots of people do.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Chisholm spoke about struggling with her mental health.

She told the podcast, “Even now, in 2022, I live with depression. You know, it’s there. I’ve learned very much how to deal with it and cope with it and keep it at bay, but sometimes it can get the better of me,” the Daily Mail reported.

“So I think it’s really important to learn what works for you. I think everybody can just have different little tools in the kit to get them through.”

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“I like to think I’ve never felt suicidal, but I have wished to not wake up, which is awful; which is an awful, awful place to be in.

“Sometimes it felt like my spark had gone out. But most of the time it’s there. There’s a little flicker even in my darkest moments and it’s pulled me through.”

The star, who also spoke about battling an eating disorder in the open interview, added, “I’m a warrior. I was struggling and in my eyes I failed. I failed myself, I failed the public, but I got through it. I got through the other side. My story is that I did succumb to these things and I felt ashamed for that, but the thing that I feel very proud of is that I overcame all those things.”

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