By Corey Atad.

A new book about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle purports that there was a feud between the ex royals and friends Victoria and David Beckham.

Author Tom Bower says in his book, Revenge: Meghan, Harry And The War Between The Windsors, that Harry and Meghan were “addicted” to reading stories about themselves in the press.

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“Harry and Meghan were shackled,” he writes, according to Us Weekly. “Every night they scoured the internet to read the newspaper reports and the trolls’ postings on social media. Irrationally, they grouped the two together and fed each other’s frenzy about the media. Convinced that as champions of goodness they were being persecuted by mendacity and racism, they felt victimized by the mildest criticism.”

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Bower then claims, “Harry’s instability fed Meghan’s fears that friends were leaking stories to the media. In particular, she suspected Victoria Beckham of indiscretion.”

He adds, “Harry called David Beckham to repeat the accusation. Outraged, Beckham’s truthful denials damaged their relationship.”

The Beckhams have long been close to Harry, and attended his wedding to Markle in 2018.


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