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Claims that Meghan Markle bullied her Kensington Palace staff as a working Royal have been investigated and have reportedly led to changes to the monarchy’s “policies and procedures” to improve the institution’s treatment of staff.

Over the weekend, The Sunday Times of London published a major story stating that Buckingham Palace’s investigation over Markle’s alleged bullying of two senior staff members, which launched last March, has now wrapped. The publication claims the information was received by sources with direct knowledge.

Suggestions Prince William Approved Leak Of Meghan Markle Bullying Allegations Denied

The investigation, privately funded by Queen Elizabeth, was done by an independent law firm who’s findings of the alleged bullying report have not been released. This has led to accusations that Buckingham Palace has “buried” the findings.

The Times cites that the palace’s reason for keeping the information in-house is to avoid further tensions between the duke and duchess of Sussex and the rest of the Royal family.

Meghan Markle’s Lawyer Denies Duchess Is ‘Guilty Of Bullying’

A spokesperson for Markle denied all bullying claims, adding that the actress was “saddened by this latest attack on her character, particularly as someone who has been the target of bullying herself.”

Now, fans of Markle’s believe something isn’t adding up, noting how the Royals quickly leaked news of the investigation at the time, right before Markle and Harry’s bombshell Oprah interview last year, but now that they supposedly have the findings, they shied away from sharing.

Earlier, the hashtag #RoyalFamilyLied was trending on social media as fans strongly suggest that, had there been something found against Markle, the Royals would have swiftly leaked the information to clear their name.

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