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Meghan Markle leads a number of important conversations about mental health on Tuesday’s episode of her “Archetypes” podcast.

The episode, titled “The Decoding of Crazy” features actress Constance Wu, comedian-writer Jenny Slate, and activist and Bollywood star Deepika Padukone.

While chatting with Padukone, Markle recalls being at her “worst point,” to which husband Prince Harry found her a referral to a mental health professional. The Duchess of Sussex emphasized that there’s value in being “really honest about what it is that you need” and not being “afraid to ask for it.”

Padukone shared that her own struggles with mental health came “out of the blue,” beginning in 2014.

“I woke up one morning and everything was going well. My films were a success. Personally, beautiful relationships, supportive family,” she shared. “Then the next thing I know, my life just felt meaningless.”

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For “many, many months,” the actress struggled “to get out of bed” and felt like she “didn’t want to live anymore.”

“I would just break down at the drop of a hat. Not be present,” she said, something she’d “never felt before.”

“All of it just felt so disorienting,” Padukone added.

The actress recalled having a breakdown in front of her parents.

“My parents were visiting me and the day they were ready to leave, I was sitting and watching them pack and I started crying,” Padukone shared. “My mom was like, ‘What’s wrong?’… I said, ‘I don’t know. I’ve been feeling like this for many, many months. I just keep crying. I don’t know why.’”

“It’s feeling of hopelessness. You just feel hopeless,” the award-winning actress told Markle. “You feel like there’s no point in living.”

Eventually, Padukone decided to share her story with the world as a means of contributing to global awareness.

“Most of us don’t even know that we’re struggling with mental illness,” she said of her reason for going live on TV in India.

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In efforts to “destigmatize it,” Padukone said we have to “let people know that it’s okay to seek help and to let caregivers know that it’s okay for someone to go through this.

“It’s the same way we have physical ailments,” she continued. “Our mind is very much a part of our body. But somehow, when it comes to mental illness, we start treating our minds like outside of our bodies.”

Wu reflected on her 2019 attempted suicide after she posted a negative tweet in regards to her sitcom “Fresh Off The Boat” being renewed. Speaking about the situation with Markle, Wu admitted that she appeared to be “really ungrateful and petty and bratty” for not feeling excited about the renewal.

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“It took, like, a DM from an actress colleague of mine, an Asian actress, who basically said that I had become a disgrace to my race and that — you know, I was basically better off dead. It made me feel like I didn’t deserve to be alive anymore,” Wu shared.

The actress shed tears while discussing the emotional topic, noting that it’s crucial to let out the buildup of “internalized emotion,” in order to feel better.

The full episode of Markle’s latest “Archetypes” podcast can be listened to above.


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